Ponder of the Day:

Its all numbers. The number of fingers, toes, arms, legs, and even DNA. Whats interesting is that is what seems to be the originality of it all. So for example, you have 0 (the all infinite nothingness), if 0 were cut in half there would be something like two letter C’s. Mirror these 2, and you have the infinity symbol. This is only infinite because nothingness, or 0, has noticed its other side, aka C. Then there are 2. We have two C’s that are infinitely connected. If the force or energy of these 2 C’s is so intense, we have such a strong pull on itself. The 2 C’s open up to the spaces in between and so on. Knowledge is passed down, its all about the interpretation of it all. If I want to understand, I always will. I will because I have (as stated above) acknowledged fear. Or there is nothing correlated, and I am completely full of shit. Either way, its fun to pretend of such a possibility.



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Pleiadian ⭐️ Queen

The good type of change. Not the one that takes you away from yourself, but the one that brings you home.